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[Mousehole Fishing Boats at Sunrise]
Photo Credit: Helen Hotson -

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~~ A Webcam of Penzance Prom ~~

and tide times, sunrise and sunset times etc for penzance & newlyn are here, (or for st ives, here)

~~ A Not Only But Also ~~

well, if you were able to look to the left of the image above, in real life, you would see, sort of, 'the rain it raineth every day' which is in the penlee gallery, penzance, but you can get prints of it from fine art prints on demand - and the not only but also = art prints on canvas or paper from aivazovsky to zurbaran, monet to munch, and constable to rembrandt, turner, van gogh, vermeer, and more... prints by artist timeline, or with images

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